stories that audiences explore virtually and in person




Orbitist has spent years telling multimedia stories with video, audio, photography and text while also creating cutting-edge interactive mapping and crowdsourcing applications. Explorations combine our areas of expertise to create exciting interactive journeys.

How explorations work

The Tale

A podcast, video, or article that gives a top-level overview of the exploration. This narrative walks through the exploration with an expert character we call ‘the mentor’.

The Map

Mobile interactive maps are used by audiences to journey through explorations in the real world. These include navigation tools, points of interest, additional media, and resources for getting the most out of the exploration.

The Treasure

Explorers have opportunities to prove they’ve made the journey by unlocking treasure! This can be verifying proximity to points of interest, submitting observations, or completing polls. Treasure can then be used to level up!



Explorations are best experienced on mobile devices outside. Location-aware maps help explorers get around.

Crowdsource Data

Polls, checkins, and observations unlock treasure for explorers while contributing data for assessment, citizen science, etc.

Gamify Education

Explorations are a perfect way to create innovative field experiences for students.

QR Code Access

Explorers can quickly jump into an exploration by scanning a QR Code.

Manage and Update

Updating explorations with new content is easy using a simple online dashboard.

Hidden Treasure

Provide clues that lead explorers to hidden points of interest and content.

Custom Maps

Maps can have custom colors and be stylized to match the theme of your exploration. We can use GIS data to show boundaries, trails, etc.

Virtual Reality

Give explorers a reason to make the journey by providing them a virtual look-around.


Give explorers a top-level idea of why your location matters with short, documentary-style video.


Take explorers through a deeper understanding of your location with a podcast or create an on-the-ground audio walking tour.

Let’s make an exploration together

Create a walking tour of your location, an engaging educational experience, or sponsor an exploration in your community.