Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing this?

Ever since we studied abroad in college we have always made it a priority to see and experience new places. We truly value travel and the benefits it provides. We love where we were raised in Western New York but sometimes we want a change of scenery (and warmer weather). We also value the flexibility to travel when and where we like, which we know is not a luxury afforded to most. And, it’s about pushing our comfort boundaries. Little stress points that make us do some serious critical thinking along the way help us to grow and learn more about ourselves than we ever thought imaginable. And really it’s just another adventure for us.

How do you work/do you work?

While both of us would love to claim the job title of “At-home Wife/Husband”, we do have jobs. We run Orbitist LLC, a digital business that focuses on web development and media production. Most of our clients are in Buffalo, NY and Denver, CO and we hope to expand beyond that. When we lived in Colorado, there was a lot of flying back and forth between the two cities, so for us being able to move around more and with less limitations made traveling full-time an easy choice for us. Being remote will allow us to travel to our clients wherever they are while also affording us the opportunity to meet new clients along the way.

Where do you plan to travel?

Our general plan is to go clockwise around the country with a high priority on visiting the national parks. We will start in Florida, head to Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, make our way up the west coast, and then shoot over to Colorado by the time April arrives. After that we have some weddings to fly to and then we will drive back to Buffalo for the Summer. At least that’s the initial plan for now.

Do you have a kitchen?

Yep! The fridge and stove are a little smaller than average but we have all the basic kitchen appliances. Some of our bigger pots and pans have to be stored underneath in what we like to call our “basements” (the storage compartments underneath our RV) just because we don’t have enough cupboard space. We are still working on the minimalism thing but some items I refused to get rid of, like my giant cutting board.

How do you work and live so closely with your significant other?

Space hasn’t really been a problem for us. There are times when we physically need to move each other out of the way to get by our small bathroom hallway. We work hard to respect each other’s space and time. Headphones are usually a good indicator; if they are in, the general rule is: ‘try not to bother me.’

What about your cats?

Our two cats travel with us! They were our biggest concern when we first starting thinking about transitioning to this lifestyle. Will there be enough room? Where will we put the litter? Will they be okay in their pet carriers when we move from one place to another? After reading RV blogs extensively, we knew we weren’t alone in the pet travel territory. When we move from one location to the next, our cats are in their carriers which go in the back seats of our truck. There are occasional meows of annoyance but after 15 minutes or so they settle down.

Are you warm enough?

While our insulation may be thin causing us to go through propane tanks faster or having to keep an electric heater running all the time, we are definitely staying warm. There are vents in all rooms including the bathroom. And on the flip side, we have an AC unit on top of the RV for those extra toasty days.

What happens when the ‘sh!#*er's full’?

Wait. We can’t do like Eddy does in Christmas Vacation and dump it down a storm drain? Oh, crap. Well luckily we don’t have to worry about dumping any more. We bought a compost toilet and it’s brilliant! It requires no water and we just have to dump the newly-made compost every 2-3 weeks or so. The pee bucket gets dumped every couple days. Hey… you asked. Or, maybe you didn’t but we know you are secretly curious. It doesn't get more hipster/hippie/(insert your own word here) than this!

How long are you traveling around the country?

We really don’t know. We do know we will be back in Western New York in May but we haven’t decided if we will keep doing this or settle down when fall rolls around again. We’re just going with the flow right now and that makes it very exciting for us!

Where do you stay when you travel?

We will mostly be staying at state parks. We typically choose sites that have electric and water hookups or just electric hookups. If we go with just electric, we will fill our 55 gallon water tank at a water station to use for dishes and showers (this lasts us roughly three days). On occasion we will do some boondocking which means no hookups. These stays can range from Walmart parking lots to beautiful off-grid desert oases.

We love questions, so if you would like to know something, please send us a message!