Texas to Colorado via New Mexico

Another month under the belt on the road. The second half of February was full of hikes at Lyndon B. Johnson’s ‘Texas White House’ and ranch, Legit Texas BBQ, Two-stepping at Luckenbach Texas, and some rock climbing at Enchanted Rock.

March came and we pointed the rig west making our way to Caballo Lake in Southern New Mexico. Took two days to get there with a stop at hotel Walmart on the way.

March 3rd was the best 30th birthday one could wish for. We started with a big breakfast before pushing the truck as far as we could up a rough dirt road. We were able to get within two miles of a supposed great rock climbing crag. We were not disappointed. The limestone walls on this hidden gem turned out to be one of the top three sport climbing locations in New Mexico. Every route was well bolted and our gear was more than enough to hit up several routes. It was my first time lead climbing outside in more than eight months and felt so wonderful! To top it all off, Caitlin had snuck a whole smorgasbord of snacks including wine, brie, crackers, and prosciutto onto the mountain. We sat in the dirt and toasted to continual climbing.

Last week was a lot of sunrises and sunsets. We had a hard time not constantly taking photos of the sun at our campsite. Sunny, dry weather, allowed us to work outside for a good portion of the week.

For our last couple days in NM, my cousin and his girlfriend dropped in for a visit. We went back up to the climbing crag and went a step further to visit the ‘Bat Cave’. It was great to be a part of their first time climbing outdoors… not great learning how to buff scratches out of a rental 4x4!

Long story short, New Mexico was serene. We will be back.

We left Caballo on Tuesday and stopped at another Walmart in Albuquerque. Woke up at 2:30 to try to beat a wind warning and snow advisory happening that morning. We failed to beat the weather which led to a terrifying drive over the pass from Santa Fe to Alamosa, Colorado. But, slowly and white-knuckled, we made it.

Now we’re at 7,500 ft. in the snow. But we’re surrounded by the Rockies on all sides. We’ll be here for a couple days to check out Sand Dunes National Park then it’s back to the Front Range where we have lots of business to attend to!