Back on the Front Range

It feels so great being back in Colorado! We spent a few days near Great Sand Dunes National Park surrounded by the Rockies. We visited the park early one morning and had way too much fun taking photos and playing in the sand. We stayed at a place called ‘Sand Dunes Swimming Pool and RV Park’ which has many swimming pools that are naturally fed and heated by a hot spring. Our favorite pool was located inside a greenhouse and packed with plants, not to mention a bar! We had a lot of fun warming up here, enjoying the beer and food.

On March 16th, we packed up and headed to the Front Range where we had a spot booked for two weeks at St. Vrain State Park. A day after arriving we met up with our climbing friend, Shawn (owner of Climbing Addicts), to climb in Boulder Canyon. We have since climbed once or twice per week in the canyon.

My parents flew into town one weekend and we had a great time driving through Nederland and taking a mountain pass down to Golden where we toured the Coors beer factory. Whether you’re a Coors fan or not, you have to appreciate the scale of their facility and the multitude of free samples tasted during their tours. The following day we rented e-bikes for my parents in Louisville and rode the Coal Creek trail to Lafayette, our stomping grounds last year. It was quite the site seeing mom blast past highly athletic bikers while going uphill!

On March 30th, we moved about 20 minutes west to a beautiful horse ranch on a dirt road under foothills and mountains. It has been a chill couple weeks here getting to know our host, one of Cait’s personal training clients from last year, and her husband.

We celebrated Caitlin’s birthday with a weekend of climbing, my famous waffles, Cheese Importers in Longmont, the Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder, and a night in of cheese and wine tasting!

Between climbing, mountain gazing, and watching aerobatic planes looping overhead, we’ve been busy at work, usually at the Longmont library. Business has picked up significantly and we have a full slate that will take us well into the fall.

It’s a bittersweet time for us here on the Front Range. We feel at home here having spent more than a year in this region, getting to know the climbing areas, and having several Colorado clients that are pushing us full-throttle. Yet we’re leaving soon, which is exciting. The weather seems to be turning in Western New York and we look forward to seeing our friends and family. We’ll be home in less than a month!