The Orbitist mapping application allows users to explore content in a way unlike any other. If you've found your way to this tutorial, then you've already begun thinking of ways to make your business, organization, or enterprise more interactive. Let us be your guide as we teach you the basics of Orbitist. Then, you'll be able to pioneer your own mapping projects with confidence.

This lesson will show users how to share an Orbitist map.


1.  Sign in to your Orbitist account.

2. Click on the blue "My Maps" button in the top right of the page. 

3. Click on the title of the map that you wish to share.

4. When you arrive at your map page, click on the blue "Publish Map" button located on the left side. A white "Publish Options" box will appear. 

5.  After you click on "Share Link," the button will expand to reveal the unique URL of your map. To share your map to social media, simply copy and paste your link to the desired forum. 

6. When users click on your map link, the fullscreen version of your Orbitist map will appear. Thus, inviting users to explore your content. One link is all it takes to build a stronger relationship with your audience. 

7.  If you wish to embed your map in a web page, copy and paste the code displayed in the Embed field. This is located below your map. If the code isn't already on display, simply press the "Embed Code" button. 

Be sure to follow Orbitist for future tutorials and updates. The application has tons of features, and we'll help you learn how to use them to make your content even better.

If you have any questions, e-mail