Once you've created your map, you've probably started to wonder what the easiest way to share it is. Well, Orbitist makes it easy to share unique, multimedia maps with anyone. You can simply share the map number, or, if you want to go a step further, you can share your map on your Facebook page for all your friends and followers to see. 


1.  Open your Orbitist map, and click on the blue "Publish Map" button. 

2. When the white "Publish Options" box opens, click on the text that reads "Share Link." A link to your map will appear.

3. Copy the share link, and paste into the "Update Status" field on your Facebook page. A custom Orbitist title will appear automatically, along with your main map image and the map information. 

4. If you're posting to a Facebook Page, rather than a user account,  you have the option to personalize your link. By hovering over the text and clicking on it, you can replace the title and body to better represent your map.  

5.  To adjust the display image, just click on the plus sign underneath the "Available images" section. Then, you can drag them horizontally to rearrange the order or delete the ones you don't want. We recommend adding a screenshot of your map or an interesting photo. This is a simple way to draw in viewers and let them learn the basics of your content. 

You can then delete the link. (Don't worry the image will still be hyperlinked!) Hit "Publish," and that's it! Now anyone who clicks on that picture will be taken directly to your map.

Note: Using the share link is the easiest way to share an overview of your entire map. However, sharing the url of your map from the Orbitist application will still lead the viewer to your map, it will simply take them to the exact point you were viewing when you copied the url. 

If you have any questions, e-mail support@orbitist.com.