Orbitist maps in the classroom

Maps work really well in the classroom because they allow teachers to put events and cultures into context. Remember those pull down maps your teachers would use to point out geographies in front of class? I do... and I always thought they were awesome. Unfortunately, you don't see those map scrolls as often. They're becoming a thing of the past... replaced mainly by projector screens and smart boards.

Yet maps and teaching go so well together. We shouldn't forget the impact that great maps can have on learning. With all this technology available, imagine what mapping could look like in today's classroom?

We're working on a mapping application specifically for teachers and students to collaboratively learn with maps.

Here's our pitch:

We've been testing our classroom app in a high school culture class where students have been mapping stories about cultures throughout history. They were also asked to map their own family immigration story!

So far, they've mapped hundreds of stories. Check it out:

Do you have a classroom that needs beautiful maps? Get in touch with us: support@orbitist.com