Orbitist receives international top honors by the Underground Railroad community!

I am honored to receive an Underground Railroad Free Press prize – regarded as the international Underground Railroad community's top honor – for our work creating a UGR mapping platform

I'll take this as a chance to explain why this means so much to Orbitist and offer praise to those who continue to make this mapping effort so special.

Orbitist is just a tool. And everyone knows that tools are no good without people putting in exhaustive amounts of time and effort using them to create something awesome. 

Wendy Straight and Doug Shepard are the driving forces behind this UGR map. They are the ones spending countless hours sifting through old texts in public archives, tracking down heroes from our past and making their stories available to the public. This honor is theirs as much as it is mine. In the last two years, they've grown this database from less than 100 to almost 400 antislavery activists. Thank you Wendy and Doug for your important work!

For me, this UGR map was my first chance to work in partnership with people who really needed what I was trying to build. It is the foundation for the Orbitist platform and has validated that the Orbitist vision is valuable.

-Nick Gunner