Our own copy of Planet Earth

We recently rolled out our own worldwide geo-database to serve as the foundation for basemaps in Orbitist products.

Every web map needs a base layer to provide geographic context that contains a selection of streets, political boundaries, bodies of water, buildings, major points of interest, etc. And thanks to the important work of the open source mapping world — particularly OpenStreetMap, OSM2Vectortiles, and Mapbox — we have access to a planet worth of open data.

We're bringing that power to our customers. 

Having our own copy of the world and serving it as vector tiles gives us complete control over our base maps — the way they look and feel, what features to display, and even at what zoom levels to show and hide features.  The best part is that all of this control is given to the client, which means that we can make as many custom maps as we want based off of this one database.

So far, we've harnessed our copy of the planet to roll out 5 original basemaps that all of our users have access to from within their Orbitist accounts.

We hope you like them...

Orbitist Dawn

Orbitist Dusk

Orbitist Light

Orbitist Dark

Orbitist Streets

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future map designs. We hope these initial maps are only the first of many!