Bring Día de los Muertos to your students this Halloween

Creating a cross-cultural classroom with Orbitist

Since the beginning, Orbitist has experimented with a variety of fields that encourage exploration and create understanding. An obvious choice is educational instruction.

Quietly over the past months, our resident Spanish teacher, Caitlin Gunner, has created a compilation of maps about Spanish culture, and inevitably, geography for her classroom. 

As Day of the Dead approaches, we wanted to release this map — just one of many — for Spanish teachers everywhere to access and use during their daily lesson this Halloween, an American holiday often (incorrectly) associated with Day of the Dead. This misconception is just one of the many things illustrated on this Día de los Muertos map. 

So, teachers: pull it on your smart boards, or let each student access the map independently on a computer or tablet via, Map#1161, enjoying free reign to explore the different cultural attributes to this now global holiday.

Zoom in and out to display more detailed geographic features, and click on each point to learn about that area's method of celebration. Inside every point are diverse items that engage every type of learner — from concise descriptions in both the English and Spanish languages, related videos and images, and authentic portrayals of the holiday through curated Twitter posts.

Along with the map itself, notice that there are extra resources available in the "Map info" section, like further reading materials and quiz games, to pair with the map and to extend your lesson to personally match your own classroom's needs and interests.

Try it out in your classroom (or spread the word to your teacher friends)! We hope it offers a fun, visual way to centralize information for your students so that they can become fully immersed into your lesson. 

Do you have ideas for Orbitist educational tools? Reach out to us at