Narrowing in

The world is a big place, and in it, there’s a near infinite number of other places — both big and small, well-known and undiscovered, eccentric and classic. So when the planet is this vast and when each country or city has an innumerable amount of locations to discover, how do we navigate it?

One way is to limit the scope of a map to a singular, concentrated region. Instead of utilizing a global approach or simply highlighting all of France’s interesting villages and cities, the map “9 Medieval Towns in Eastern France” only showcases a subregion of France. And within that space, it unveils just one of many unifying characteristics of the area.

When looking at this map, it certainly doesn’t seem to do justice to all that France has to offer (though these spots do look pretty amazing). But that’s precisely the point. By isolating the different sectors, qualities, and environments of France, we begin to see the distinct levels of the country that make it wholly unique.

So as we collect these small chapters of places from all across the globe, we can start to piece them together. Eventually, we’ll be able to compile the whole story to better understand the world that surrounds us.

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