Documenting the diverse history of Chautauqua County

Chautauqua County has a lot of stories to tell about wine, nature, and the charm of small-town living. But part of our mission is understanding history and the way it impacts the world around us today. So we dug up a bunch of stories, including those with a famous red head and underwater treasures, and created a series of maps and videos to document the unique history of this region.

For instance, did you know that comedian Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, NY? The town is now adorned with all thing Lucy-inspired and celebrates her life on an annual — and even a daily — basis. 

We created a map of local destinations for Lucy fans. 

And, as much of Chautauqua County sits on the Lake Erie shoreline, we found that there's history to be explored here, as well — just a little bit deeper. 

So next time you're at the beach, try to uncover this unique history. Or take a drive into town and visit one of the many historical sites and museums. We've created this map to help you out. 


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