Hacking Lake Erie

Orbitist is currently stationed on the brink of Lake Erie. So we see the way that water systems impact us and our daily lives, as well as how we impact our water systems. That's why from April to May, our CEO, Nicholas Gunner, competed in the first ever Erie Hack. 

The Erie Hack promoted and funded technological innovations that will aid Lake Erie, an important source for drinking water with extensive environmental issues. 

"Water is such an important part of our lives, yet we're not being told the most important stories about it. We were simply pitching the application of Orbitist products to the water world," Gunner said. 

We created a process and a digital platform for streamlining cost-effective water communication and engagement that uses beautiful storytelling, data visualization, and a unique citizen science platform that can be adapted to collect any kind of data from anyone, on any device. 

Data from our Shore Watch initiative

Data from our Shore Watch initiative

Lake Erie

After making it to the finals in Cleveland, along with seven other competitors, we pitched these ideas in hopes of connecting communities to the value of water.

"Though we didn't place, I am convinced that water communication is the most important problem we have to solve surrounding our water systems," Gunner said. "If we can tell better stories about our water, we'll solve all other water-related issues in time."

We will continue using our multimedia production, data visualizations, and web development for conservation outreach. After all, we believe that humans are reasonable creatures, and when armed with the right knowledge, will act in the best interests of our environment. That's why it's our mission to help others explore it and understand it. 

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