The Torkster!


Two people, two wrenches, one bolt. Sounds like the start to a good math problem. But the problem is much more difficult than it seems. How would you leverage two people to get that one bolt off if you factor in rust? That’s where the Torkster comes in. 

Al Gunther created a device called the Torkster to help remove bolts that otherwise might require taking the car to the shop. This small, square-shaped, cost-effective tool is made in America with seven local shops in the city of Detroit. It allows for multiple wrenches to be utilized in order to remove a bolt. Synonymous with the hammer or the screwdriver, the Torkster is another key tool to add to the toolbox. Check out the videos we made telling the story of the Torkster and showcaseing all the ways to use this device: 

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