Preserving Nature in Cassadaga

Orbitist is fortunate to be in a county where we have access to some amazing locales for exploring nature. And sometimes we don't even know about these areas until we are asked to come in and help promote them.

This was the case for a beautiful piece of land that the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy (CWC) hopes to convert into a nature park. Located just off Route 60 close to Lilydale, the proposed Cassadaga Lakes Nature Park is a chance for a respite away from the busiest route in the county.

This is one of those projects Orbitist loves to be a part of because it gives us the chance to showcase the untapped beauty of the Chautauqua region. So with muck boots on and drone in hand, we set off with the CWC to create a video miniseries and 360 panoramas of different points of interest. Getting back to our mapping routes, we also built a feature which took an illustrative map and overlayed it on Google satellite view that can be toggled on or off. Combined, these materials will be used by the CWC to raise money for this exciting project.

Screenshot of Cassadaga Lake Nature Park satellite image.

We enjoy helping an organization raise money for such an important project in a more interactive manner to show the economic, social, environmental, and legacy reasons for donating. So explore our map and videos for the Cassadaga Lake Nature Park and let us know how we can help your organization raise funds for all the important work you do.